Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

Is it possible to have dentures put in the same day as teeth removal?Yes, it is possible to have your teeth removed and dentures put in the same day. These dentures are called immediate dentures and you should talk to your prosthetist to see if that treatment is the best for you. I have implants under […]

Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

Have some questions about getting dentures? We have put together some of our Frequently Asked Questions for you. I need dentures. Where do I start? A prosthetist focuses on the replacement of lost teeth, including dentures for even the most complex cases. A prosthetist also will be able to help determine if another treatment option […]

Partial Implant Retained Over Dentures

At Dingley/Emerald Denture Clinic our bespoke range of removable Partial Overdentures utilises proven techniques and materials available in modern dentistry. Our Bespoke range is superior to regular partial dentures due to use of: “Phonares II” German-made Composite denture teeth, which gives more durable wear and natural aesthetics. Recording of jaw relationship using Facebow transfer. Removable partial […]

Eating with New Dentures

With the festive season approaching very fast, and the better social summer weather, everyone enjoys going out to catch up with friends and family. And let’s not forget Christmas breakfast’s, lunches and dinners or the massive spread that’s put on for New Year celebrations! So your dentures will get a workout, and if you have […]


It’s now mouthguard season and here at Emerald & Dingley Village Denture Clinics we offer a range of colours and patterns to suit your needs. From your favourite football club colours to a single solid colour we can do it all. For all kinds of sports and recreation activities, for all age groups mouthguards play […]

4 Steps To Clean Dentures

Here are some quick tips on keep your dentures clean. Here at Dingley Village Denture Clinic and Emerald Denture Clinic, we pride our selves on providing easy to follow tips for the care of your dentures. Check out below for some easy tips to follow for clean dentures.  STEP 1: BRUSH YOUR DENTURES EACH DAY Use […]

Mini Denture Implants

Loose Lower Full Denture? Do you have difficulties eating with your full lower denture?   Do you get embarrassed sometimes when your lower denture flops out when you are talking?Do you find food constantly getting stuck under your lower denture?Do you lose control of your loose lower denture?Do you frequently get ulceration in your mouth where […]

Implant Dentures

What Is a Dental Implant? Simplistically, dental implants are titanium fixtures shaped like a bolt placed surgically inside the jaw and with healing ‘Osseo-integrate’ with the surrounding bone. The threads of the dental implant osseo-integrate with the bone below the gums and a precision attachment connects to the dental implant above the gum line. Metal […]